So, here I am at the beginning of a new blog. Why am I creating a new blog? I’m a G+ refugee without a place on the Web to call home. I’ve looked at several of the available social platforms and didn’t like any well enough to spend my time and effort on them (except Mastodon, but that’s for shorter posts). Instead, I guess I’ll go old school and spin up with my own weblog (hip hip for the decentralized Web).

I’m going to do this in GitHub using (which looks like a pretty nice GUI for editing static sites). The biggest downside is that there isn’t an Android client that hooks into Android’s share mechanism. Since that’s my most common reason for wanting to write a blog post (i.e., sharing a link), it’s going to be a bit limiting. Still, it’s better than the other available options, which either lack features or limit my freedom.

To work around the lack of an Android client, for the time being, I’m going to use Diigo as a bookmarking service. You can find me as ksclarke on there. I’m still not sure how I feel about Diigo as a service, but it works for a short term solution (and perhaps it will work for the longer term since it has IFTTT integration and a decent API). We’ll see…

Anyway, so that’s it. Here is my new informal home on the Web. I hope to use it for quick technical notes, random thoughts, sharing links I find interesting, and other things. I could hook a commenting system up to it, but I doubt I’ll have enough followers to really make that worth it. Maybe I’ll do it anyway. Regardless, if you’d like to reach me, send me an email at

Thanks for reading!